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Toba Capital was founded by Vinny Smith with the observation that a VC firm comprised solely of senior software executives would be uniquely positioned to identify promising companies and enable their success.

Our experience is in business software and technology-enabled services, and that’s our focus. We’ve made investments from seed to late-stage growth equity; our founders are deeply involved in every deal we do, so check size and company stage takes a back seat to the opportunity itself.

SCV was initially capitalized by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR) in 2008. With over 1 million members, NAR is the largest trade association in the world. NAR can provide immediate strategic value to Second Century Ventures' portfolio companies by allowing them access to the vast resources of 300-person organization with expertise, influence, power and relationships that comes only by being ingrained in an industry for over 100 years. SCV's network of senior executives, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and individual practitioners provides and unparalleled opportunity for companies to systematically launch into $trillion marketplaces.


Make it easy for clients to recommend you with no login


Automatically remind your sphere of influencers about your great work


Effortlessly stay in touch with clients at key milestones

I am totally a Reach150 fan. In fact I wrote an article in Scotsman Guide recently about the power of having a review tool in the Mortgage Industry. It is powerful for referrals and trust.

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