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92% trust referrals from people they know and are 6x more likely to do business with you.

Make it Easy for Your Agents to Recommend You

Agency businesses in industries such as real estate, lending, and insurance are continually looking to build the size and quality of their agent workforce. As a relationship business, your best sources for new hires are referrals from your current agents. With Reach150’s referral management system, you give your agents a systematic and simple way to recommend you and refer high producing agents. Reach150 accomplishes this by collecting high value recommendations from existing agents so prospective new hires can read about the many benefits of working for you and your company.

Attract New Agents

Reach150 starts with your agents publicly endorsing you and your hiring managers. Recommendations, once approved, are published to your Reach150 business profile where they are easily discovered by prospective new agents on search engines, social media, or your website. Your agents are notified about new recommendations you've received. When you are top of mind and validated by others, your agents will be more comfortable referring other agents as they can share great recommendations about you and your company.

Enable Your Agents to Realize the Benefits of Referral Management

In addition to your business profile, as part of your monthly service, Reach150 will provision accounts for your agents so they too can begin collecting recommendations from their past clients. Finally, as the sponsoring broker, we will provide you with insightful analytics giving you visibility into how your agents are using Reach150 to generate referrals.

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